Ecstacy / MDMA Addiction & Treatment

Ecstasy Addiction

Ecstasy has no physical addiction connected to it. The addiction that develops is to the psychological state that Ecstasy puts users in. While under the influence of Ecstasy, users feel euphoric, happy, and loving. These feelings last for up to 5 hours. It is popular with the club-going group because of the euphoria and energy it gives users. Frequent use of Ecstasy causes a dependence fairly quick. Each time it is is used will require a higher amount. Signs of addiction to Ecstasy include craving the feeling of being on the drug, spending a considerable amount of time thinking about when the next time they’ll be able to use the drug is, and loss of control of how much a person uses.

Ecstasy Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms for Ecstasy vary from person to person. Most commonly symptoms include depression, sleeplessness, agitation, memory problems, and difficulty concentrating. Withdrawal symptoms happen even after short term use of Ecstasy.

About Ecstasy

MDMA, or Ecstasy, is a synthetic mind altering drug. It has both hallucinogenic and effects that are similar to amphetamines. It is similar to MDA and methamphetamine. Street names of Ecstasy include Adam, X, Hug/Hug Drug, Beans, and molly. It was originally used as a diet aid, but has now found recreational use and use during counseling sessions because of how open it makes people with their feelings and emotions. It commonly comes in a tablet that is imprinted with a logo of some sort on it. It can also be crushed and snorted, or injected. Ecstasy is known for its euphoric and energizing effects as well as its ability to enhance physical experiences. There are hazards connected to Ecstasy use that include psychological issues, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis. Physical side effects of Ecstasy include muscle tension, teeth chattering, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, sweating, dry mouth, and dehydration.

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