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Ecstacy / MDMA Addiction & Treatment

Ecstasy Addiction Ecstasy has no physical addiction connected to it. The addiction that develops is to the psychological state that Ecstasy puts users in. While under the influence of Ecstasy, users feel euphoric, happy, and loving. These feelings last for up to 5 hours. It is popular with the club-going group because of the euphoria […]

GHB Addiction & Treatment

GHB Addiction Contrary to common belief, GHB is actually highly addictive. The majority of GHB addicts are bodybuilders or athletes. GHB addiction is closely connected to steroid use. GHB abuse is becoming the most common cause of drug induced comas in the United States. GHB Withdrawal Symptoms Withdrawal from GHB lasts 10-14 days and can […]

Ketamine Addiction & Treatment

Ketamine Addiction Ketamine abuse is not known to cause the kind of physical addiction that is connected to other addictive drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Ketamine users may experience psychological symptoms that make it hard to stop using. Also, if the Ketamine use began because of a mental illness, stopping may require the supervision […]

Klonopin Addiction & Treatment

Klonopin Addiction Klonopin is very popular among upper-middle class high school and college students. Using the drug at its prescribed dosage has a 33% chance of causing addiction and withdrawal symptoms when stopped. This number rises significantly the longer it is used and the higher the dose. People who use Klonopin recreationally are much more […]

Lortab Addiction & Treatment

Lortab Addiction Lortab is a prescription narcotic pain medication. It is among the prescription drugs with the highest levels of abuse. Some signs of Lortab addiction include getting prescriptions from multiple doctors, buying Lortab from others who have prescriptions for it, buying it from drug dealers on the street, stealing it from hospitals or individuals, […]

LSD Addiction & Treatment

LSD Addiction LSD has no physical addiction potential. Even though it is not physically addictive, it can be psychologically addictive because its effects can be used as an escape from reality. Users may want to keep taking LSD because of this feeling of escape. LSD Withdrawal Symptoms Because LSD is not physically addictive, the withdrawal […]

Methadone Addiction & Treatment

Methadone Addiction Heroin addicts often go from being addicted to that drug to being addicted to Methadone, essentially just trading an addiction to an illegal drug for an addiction to a legal one. Addiction to Methadone takes many forms including having a doctor prescribe a higher dose than required, taking more than is recommended, taking […]

Opiate Addiction & Treatment

Opiate Addiction Opiate addiction is often overlooked by friends and family members because the addict isn’t using an illegal substance. Because opiates have medical uses and are obtained by prescription, many people will believe that Opiate addiction is not a problem. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 11.2 million Americans took […]

Opium Addiction & Treatment

Opium Addiction Opium is highly addictive. Physical and psychological addiction both start quickly. Because it is not as strong as other opiates such as heroin or OxyContin, the addiction can occur without even being noticed. Smoking Opium was introduced to China in the 17th century. This was when Opium addiction started to become a problem. […]