SPIRIT Center Mission: Into Action

We choose to be ‘Weird In A God Way”, by honoring each other and God’s creation in this home. Recognizing the enormous worth God has placed on each one of our lives, we intentionally attach a high value to each other. Our purpose is to serve each other. We do not elevate our needs above the other members of this home. We think of others needs first and we stand with and for each other. We work at eliminating selfish motives that create problems in our lives.

Love in this home is key. Healthy Love runs deep, wide, long, and high in this home. We choose to love each other unconditionally with the same kind of love with which God has loved us. That means we tell the truth to each other in this home, even when it’s difficult. Sometimes it is a ‘Hard kind of Truth’, but we will always wrap it in grace and tenderness. The gift of choice allows us to open ourselves through a growing trust in Faith.

We treat each other with genuine love in this home. We express our love through words and actions and in this expression of love we should never be less than sincere. We hold value and worth in each other and ourselves by watching what we say and how we say it. We listen to understand and learn from each other to communicate better with our hearts and our actions. This is a process ongoing, never ending. We openly express what we’re feeling, but we don’t yell at each other. We don’t throw fits or pout in this home. That’s just not honorable.

We fill our lives and our home with the truly “Good Things Of Life” and stay away from the things that lead us away from this good. We laugh a lot. We tease a lot. We play a lot. We are good friends. And since we are imperfect people, we strive to be patient with each other, the way God is patient with us. We pray for each other and with each other consistently. This leads us to a good life.

We live beyond ourselves not within ourselves. We share our home and our resources through these principles with whoever God brings our way. Our home will be an inviting place where people will want to be, because we choose to be ‘Weird In A God’, by honoring God and each other in this home.

This establishment exists to Serve the Recovery Community By Evaluating Our Daily Lives.

Its Purpose: Extend the opportunity to become Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Community Living: Honoring Fairness and Dependability Into Action

The Results: Valued Independence in Living Responsible Recovery
Every resident that walks through the door has a diseased mind and a damaged heart which affects safety in self, family and other relationships.  Family member’s diminished hopes are restored when the resident is willing to work on integrity of recovery.  SPIRIT Center provides principled structure, accountability,  and support for all involved,  offering an environment for residents to feel secure to heal spiritually, mentally and physically.


We treat the whole person as well as the disease to embrace value of the spirit within.We treat every person with dignity and respect guiding the awakening to community values.We continue a commitment to the Twelve Step fellowship, including integration of the 12 step principles and 12 traditions autonomy in the planning, administration and delivery of services.Consistently evaluating the compass within – Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, Love, and Trust.We promote innovation while also advancing evidence based practices through the base of our group conscious agreement.We reflect the highest responsible recovery standards by exemplar experience.We acknowledge the presence and power of simplicity as central to the recovery process.We dedicate ourselves daily to the needs of those we serve – as principled examples 24/7.We believe in the power of “We”

Program Fundamentals (click)

  • Start Over
  • Right Here
  • Believe
  • Responsible

About SPIRIT Center’s non-profit status:
SPIRIT Center NFP is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. We are registered with the IRS as a tax exempt public charity, as well as with the State of Illinois as a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like your receipt upon completion of a donation or any contribution, please email or call 815.861.5448 .

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