Percodan Addiction & Treatment

Percodan Addiction

Most people who become addicted to Percodan began taking the drug for medical reasons. Unfortunately, over time the person will become dependent or addicted and be unable to even function on a daily basis without the drug. Because addiction can happen in as short a period of time as a few weeks, Percodan users find themselves taking more of the drug to experience the same effects. People 65 years old or older are the group of people most likely to become addicted to Percodan.

Percodan Withdrawal Symptoms

The most common symptoms of Percodan withdrawal are body aches, anxiety, hallucinations, headaches, inability to sleep, severe changes in moods, nausea, fever chills, sweating, trouble breathing, and tremors.

About Percodan

Percodan is a narcotic painkiller that combines Oxycodone and Aspirin. Percodan is classified as a Schedule II painkiller. This means that it has a high risk of dependence and addiction. Percodan can be found under the names Endodan, Percodan-Demi, and Roxiprin. The less serious side effects of Percodan include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, and mood swings. More seriously, Percodan can cause side effects that include shallow breathing, slowed heartbeat, unconciousness, hallucinations, and confusion.

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