Spirit Center provides an action arena for residents to network solutions.

The establishment of Spirit Center is to provide an action arena for residents to network professional and independent solutions into mental and emotional health of recovery. Connect With SPIRIT Center – MoU, Ethics Policy, and Office Area Clear Vision: Changing modern day paradigms of indifference. Our Mission: The mission of Spirit Center recovery group is to […]

Halfway Independent Recovery Living Woodstock Illinois McHenry County

SUMMARY of Intervention and Recovery Living: It has become clear in the last few years that many people are being put into treatment before they are ready to be put there which causes folks to relapse many times. Why does this happen? Because some facilities have high overhead costs and need to meet these expectations. […]

Clean Community Addiction Recovery Living Woodstock Illinois

Unity Incentive: Looking for a Few Good People Volunteering & Employment Opportunities for a non profit organization helps a person in many ways. It really can give you a sense of feeling good about yourself along with helping others who are in need. If you are a person who has a bit of humility, volunteering […]