The SPIRIT Center assists residents through the transitional phases of Recovery.
Ready! Next is the and resident’s and alumni ‘meet & greet’ interview which opens new opportunities in asking your questions of SPIRIT Center recovery members. Your initiative is used to establish a clear understanding for the group’s review. This is paramount. Effort, equality, and unity thereof is the foundation for the group’s purpose.
Sometimes we just need a simple transition to regroup our inner motivation back into ‘a life worth living’. Welcome to recovery where lives reveal transformation.
The musts are this:1. Initiate appointment for 1 hour group interview. Interviews: M-F 5p Sun. 5p2. Establish personal assurance in your Q&A interview.3. Final is your initiated call to confirm acceptance and arrival via SC group.
Code Of Conduct: Resident Veterans are our community’s group enlightenment. When resident: Veterans receive ‘peace of mind’ in gratitude to freely embrace home. So often, citizens have taken for granted the true freedom of our nation and of our lives. We have come to fully embrace service in unity as human concerns.

A Few Written SPIRIT Center Success Messages: The best message is living purposeful lives.

“Thank you for all you do and for all you give. Wishing you a very Blessed Holiday. We want to again express our gratitude and appreciation for the difference you have made in all of our lives.” ~ Anonymous Family (Dec. 2015)

“I care very much about the SPIRIT Center and everyone who resides under that roof, especially brothers that I have come close with in my journey. If it wasn’t for my stay there I would not have what it is I have today. What I have today is an amazing life.” ~ Ray J. (2015 2 Mo. Resident)

“The SPIRIT Center has given me tools for life that are invaluable. I’ve learned how to be a better brother, son, friend, employee and citizen. I’m grateful for this place. This recovery team is doing God’s work. Thank you :)” ~ Matthew M. 2014 (1 Year Resident)

“When I first started to drink and use drugs it made it easier to connect with other people. I was a child experiencing existence with other naive friends. At the end of my addiction I was using drugs and alcohol to connect with myself and found despair. I had found my broken spirit – I surrendered to recover. SPIRIT Center Mentoring program has guided me into recognizing emotional balance resulting in ‘working within’ cultivating a sound recovery journey. I’m Happy, Joy-Filled and Free to live Recovery!” ~ Beth (2013 6 Mo. Resident)

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