Sober Minded Community Values

The establishment of “Spirit Center” is to provide an action arena for the discovery of core values and their implementation individually.

We recognize that without sound resolution certain life challenges can be too much. Our fresh beginning starts when we admit defeat. We illustrate how to have individuals attain and achieve attunement reaching a state of neutrality from addictions. We believe that anyone can cease fighting our inner selves to freshly recover. Especially the broken.Details

501c3 Organization Est. 2012

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Mission Statement:

To Serve the Recovery Community By Evaluating Our Daily Lives.

Action Statement:

The vision into action of Spirit Center sober living community has resulted in advances from the deeply spiritual to easier every day responsibility. The spiritual principles which we embrace aids recovery individually and can evolve into overwhelming appreciation for privileges in a life worth living. A heightened sense of personal and community values travels from this home to the workplace and beyond.

This genuine recovery setting encourages a deep spiritual assurance for ourselves and those around us. It is from this well-grounded attention to ourselves and the world around us that residents can grow into good community members. It is an honor and privilege to be a part of an organization that is sharing leaps and bounds of experience to make a change in the life of the addicted.

Each life holds core information to initiate change. Upon recognition, we have the chance to experience anew. – Anonymous

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