2015 House Mentors ‘Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope’

What we do:
SPIRIT Center Mission Statement : We Awaken Through Evaluated Lives.

The Spirit Center improves the health and quality of life through the efforts of providing a clean living community, it is imperative to the improvement of each individual’s life that enters the Spirit Center. There is a constant need within the community to provide a clean living residence that will engage, prosper, and encourage the improvement in health and life. It is essential that organizations such as the Spirit Center grow with the community and other transitional organizations to truly make a difference in the lives of people:

By providing safe, tranquil conditions while embracing responsible accountable self-awareness – through action – for people in recovery from hopelessness.
Promoting empowerment of our members through 12 Step recovery, mentoring and living by sustainable solutions of valued action. Together we provide, manage, fund, oversee, and facilitate sustainable transition for our community members.

We have shown how we got out from under. You say, ‘Yes, I’m willing. But am I to be consigned to a life where I shall be stupid, boring and glum, like some people I see? I know I must get along, but how can I? Have you a sufficient substitute?’

Yes, there is a substitute and it is vastly more than that. It is a fellowship. Here you will find release from care, boredom and worry. Your imagination will be fired. Life will mean something at last. ‘We are NOT a glum bunch’ How could we be? Seriously!

You will learn the full meaning of ‘Love Your Neighbor as Yourself’ through the priceless value of Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Gratitude. It may seem incredible that these individuals are to become happy, respected, and useful once more. How can they rise out of such misery, bad repute and hopelessness? The practical answer is that since these things have happened among us, they can happen with you. Should you wish them above all else, by being willing and honest to yourself and others, we are sure they will come. The age of miracles is still with us. Our recovery proves that! B.B.
‘Under the lash of the mental obsession, we are driven to surrender, and there we discover the fatal nature of our situation. Then, and only then, do we become as open-minded to conviction and as willing to listen as the dying can be. We stand ready to do anything which will lift the merciless obsession from us.’ pg. 24 b.b.

Connect to Interview With SPIRIT Center:

When residents are accepted into the SPIRIT Center community through the interview of the community members, they usually need financial assistance for their necessities. The new resident is solely responsible to take action for his physical needs (simply asking for help) – as we all know that we took action in our active addiction to get inebriated. The SPIRIT Center community assists for all to achieve taking care of themselves by means of clear solutions of responsibility. Initial financial assistance is a private matter between resident and assistant only. SPIRIT Center does not participate beyond the limiting of outside assistance two times. Resident receives etiquette guidelines and contract of privilege in the interviewing process to be reviewed before/if accepted into the SPIRIT Center Recovery Home. The SPIRIT Center is not affiliated with any ‘treatment’ facilities. We merely provide what works after many years of trying what did not work as addicts who have recovered from our patterns of pitiful incomprehensible demoralization with compiled spiritual debris – we have physically, mentally, emotionally and many years of thoroughly processed experience. This is why we are clearly different from what you may know to be the ‘treatment’ – experience. We together stay Honest, Open-Minded and Willing while attentive to non-judgement, non-attachment, and non-resistance. We enjoy every moment of recovering together. We Keep It Simple and It Works When We Work It.
When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy. No matter who is reading this, we ALL fall short of life’s lessons – including you. Forgiving ourselves for what has been missed along our individual path of life’s lessons is where it ALL begins to unfold and become visible – surrender to forgiving within allows forgiveness to be clear – a huge step individually to BEGIN changing the patterns within and throughout ~ One Day At A Time. We as recovering addicts/alcoholics have an advantage to those who have not experienced surrender within – this is evident yet not inconceivable for ALL seeking wellness to openly embrace their own balance of liabilities & assets within. It takes a willing community. The SPIRIT Center’s focal point is on a standard of quality recognition of recovery through mindfulness of action from nurturing value within and throughout the process stages of Step work/practice. ‘When you’re truly hungry and the cooking is done – you’re ready to partake.’

About SPIRIT Center’s status:
SPIRIT Center is grassroots – implementing strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Please locate SPIRIT Center Woodstock Illinois Exemption Status EIN 46-1765003 information through Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(3) Charities’ Searchable Database. For any information directly with the SPIRIT Center, please email serena@spiritualheadquarters.com or call 815.861.5448.

We here at SPIRIT Center reach to all who have had an encounter with addiction, homelessness, human trafficking, mental illness, and displacement – there are many in need of quality care. We serve the spirit within those who seek change out of hopelessness. Our community is solely provided by compassionate hearts and responsible humanitarians – these qualities are the exception as the standard of recovery. Those we serve continue to impress each of our lives – individually and as a community. We are blessed to be chosen as service men and women for those who continue to seek the way of recovery.

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Our Purpose

SPIRIT Center is a residential facility for persons recovering from addictions to transition into independent and healthy living after committing to clean living. We accomplished by:

Program Services : We guide the newly sober back into the community. We do this through mentorship, through safe and respectful living environments, through accountability, through simple living etiquette guidelines, through the demonstration of integrity filled service.

– Providing a safe and trusting place to live the SPIRIT Center Daily Responsibility Program

– Living By Example of 12 Steps and 12 Traditions of Recovery
– Providing meeting place for 12 Step Recovery on a Frequent Regular Basis
– Providing Morally Structured Direction Programs by Direct Recognition of Values to Enable Transition to Responsible Self-Evaluation
– Group Awareness Connection focusing on Causes and Conditions of Presented Characteristics within the Community Members
– Experience in Local Job Engagement with Grateful Participation and Commitment to Valued Self-Sufficiency
– Engaging in other Pertinent Detailed Activities related to serving the Needs of Persons In Recovery and Facilitate Successful Transition into Responsible Discernment of Decision Making by Virtue of Emotional Maturity

Lack of knowledge and experience is common for many human beings, recovery is the exception – Spirit Center provides simple experience for recovery on the common ground of Daily Responsibility Program of Action – witnessing within the many aspects of how simple life really is as a society of Unity, Service and Recovery. If you desire to know how we work within your own explored learning journey, this organization’s program of action began through the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions text books put into action.
‘Service, gladly rendered, obligations squarely met, troubles well accepted or solved with God’s help, the knowledge that at home or in the world outside we are partners in a common effort, the well-understood fact that in God’s sight all human beings are important, the proof that love freely given surely brings a full return, the certainty that we are no longer isolated and alone in self-constructed prisons, the surety that we need no longer be square pegs in round holes but can fit and belong in God’s scheme of things — these are the permanent and legitimate satisfactions of right living for which no amount of pomp and circumstance, no heap of material possessions, could possibly be substitutes.’ 12×12 pg.124

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(3) Charities’ Searchable Database

The Facts

Treatment reduces drug use by 40 to 60 percent, which is comparable to success rates of treatments for other chronic diseases, such as asthma and hypertension.*

In an independent evaluation of the DASA treatment system, the following was found:

  • Patients reporting use of alcohol decreased from 59 percent at admission to 30 percent six months post treatment; marijuana from 30 percent to 6 percent; cocaine from 37 percent to 6 percent; and heroin from 24 percent to 6 percent.**
  • The percent of patients receiving wages for work increased significantly: 44 percent received wages at admission versus 57 percent who received wages six months after treatment.**
  • The number of patients reporting income received from illegal activities decreased from 16 percent at treatment admission to only 2 percent six months after treatment, an 88 percent decrease.**

Alcohol and other drug treatment is cost effective. Each $1 invested in treatment equals $4 to $7 in savings on crime and criminal justice costs

*Principles of Drug Addiction, National Institute on Drug Abuse

**DASA-Delta Metrics Study

***National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

If you have any questions about alcohol or other drugs, call:

Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse

1-866-213-0548 (toll-free Voice)

1-866-843-7344 (toll-free TTY)

House Mentors

David and Serena, with over 40 years combined 12 step experience, serve as house mentors, providing 24 hour support and guidance. They believe 12 Step Anonymous groups saved their lives and are passionate about giving back to others. ‘We help those who truly seek change in their lives’.

Dave and Serena’s uniting in marriage began their service work together in opening the SPIRIT Center in 2012. No-Thing has graced their unity more than witnessing awakenings along with responsible daily maintenance in the newly recovering that come to reside at the SPIRIT Center. They bring both elements to perspective with their own experience. One being resistance the other being surrender.
Serena is very well experienced with relapse. Serena had addiction to alcohol, pain killers, weed, heroin and cocaine for many years. After a coma at age 32 – from drug use, she went through all limb paralysis from the effects of the strokes during the coma – physically recovering in 4 months. She continued to use for years after – pursuing to seek the solution by attending multiple treatments, group/family therapies, psychiatric treatments, medications, incarcerations – as well as a long time relation with a sponsor in 12 step recoveries – to no avail. Although several inpatient treatments kept the time busy with medications and shared knowledge on some physical aspects, it had not led to the true surrender within of spiritual and emotional recovery leading to responsible living. Her family and 12 step fellowship groups had given up. She has survived the grips of her diseased mind through the ‘Moment of Clarity/Spiritual Awakening’ surrendering to 12 steps and 12 traditions of recovery.
Dave has lived honorably in the 12 steps and 12 traditions of recovery since 1981. His childhood was that of addiction, sending Dave to many court affiliated facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin, for a period of 8 years in his youth. His first meeting at 18 years of age, gave to him a message of hope. That message was this ‘My Life Can Change Today!’ and from that day, it did. He has lived with integrity and compliance to spiritual principals his whole adult life. Bringing forth responsibility in commitment to sound judgment and structured character reform throughout 12 steps of recovery. Implementing good orderly direction for those he has sponsored over the years in his dedicated years of inner 12 step cultivation and 12 traditions of recovery.

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We are here as servicemen to share a way out. The longest journey had been from the head to the heart. Discerning the true from the false. Recovering takes much work, so much work to fully recover that most submit to a level that denies such responsible freedom that has been graced to so many. Although recovery is the exception, we are fully passionate in understanding each one has the ability to be the change. The hopeless can live beyond anything they ever imagined or dreamed with purity of intent in all areas of life. We are reborn, if you will.

The mantra lived by within the house mentors is simple ‘Be What You Want To See’. Simple love and tolerance with a value of respectful responsibility. Grace has placed this marriage as God being their guide to supply pertinent information right into truth. Our community builds on moral and spiritual structure to embrace value within. As it is known, you cannot make good decisions when you do not know what your values are.

Our standards are morally based solely by the principles of the 12 steps and 12 traditions of recovery while residing in the SPIRIT Center community. We emphasize through action and communication HOW recovery is an individual journey that requires constant cultivation one day at a time in a trust-filled community dwelling.
Every resident that walks through the door has a diseased mind and a damaged heart which affects self, family and other relationships.  Family member’s diminished hopes are restored when the resident is willing to work on repair.
SPIRIT Center provides moral structure, accountability, and support for all involved, providing a home for residents to be safe and heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Functions and Activities

Many SPIRIT Center clients are compliant to drug court programs, probation departments, Illinois and Wisconsin parole programs, and the DCFS. DOC interviews are conducted through court orders.

Recovering addicts often come to us directly from intense inpatient programs. We engage with treatment centers across Northern Illinois to make our services known and available.

SPIRIT Center’s intake is determined by peer review, providing an environment of accountability. SPIRIT Center operates from a group conscious. Operations are funded by donations.

Through the Daily Responsibility Program, SPIRIT Center promotes positive and effective familial participation structures as long-term solutions to improve household responsibility with clear and simple basic needs of economic responsibility.

Empowering individuals to take full responsibility for their present position enveloping daily value of responsibility for our fresh Grace filled life. – Emotional Maturity discernment within is our goal – we leave the results fully to a power greater than ourselves.

Ongoing activities include:

– Providing 12 step meeting place 3x per week serving all who wish to attend.
– Mandatory meetings as supportive accountability with residents.
– Supportive guidance in rebuilding of relationships.
– Maintenance of a safe and comfortable environment for residents while they focus on repair of their lives in healthy living going forward.


– Seminars and educational programs, provided by established professionals, focused physical, emotional, vocational, and spiritual health.
– Community events to bring awareness to the challenges of beginning life anew for committed recovery.
– Participation in additional facilities to support successful recovery.
– Fundraising events to further support our mission
– Building Next Phase for continuous development.

We appreciate your consideration of our facility for the betterment of individual needs to be met. We welcome you to connect with us and visit our community.

We are focused on a sober residence working the 12 step program together. Learning, understanding and growing in an honest and renewed way of life.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

The SPIRIT Center assists residents through 12 Step Recovery. Our House Sponsors also reside on the property located in Woodstock Il. The house sponsors are recovering addicts and alcoholics with the experience necessary to help each individual. 
The SPIRIT Center’s extensive Step cultivation gives way for practicing the principals of the 12 Steps into the realm of spiritual development as a group and individually. The gift of sobriety is self evaluation. We strive for betterment as a whole for the individual to live a happy and joy-filled life.
The SPIRIT Center currently holds 2 meetings per week as listed – implementing more meetings in covering all addictions.  N/A & A/A
Local County IOP programs with available transportation to be setup by resident. The walking distance from the SPIRIT Center to local IOP program is 1.6 miles. Licensed residents offer car pooling while attending the IOP programs.
The musts are this – understanding the etiquette guidelines and privileges upon residency. Our residents here are growing together and welcome each newcomer whole-heartedly. Our group interview allows you to interview us as well as our initial interview to understand if you are a fit for this type of sober community.
We welcome you to visit our facility here at the SPIRIT Center located in Woodstock, Illinois.

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