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What we need to impart is the well-known yet underestimated power of this axiom:

About SPIRIT Center’s Benefactor’s Incentive
SPIRIT Center continues recovery success from substance abuse into independent transitioning with holistic etiquette, respect in culture, identity facets, unselfishness, and boundary respects. Inquiry of individual awareness is necessary for the diverse group. Much has been accomplished in implementing a baseline of simple solutions from beliefs and fears of addiction obsessions. We are one of McHenry County’s Transitional Care Homes, running since 2012 with Live-In Founders/Recovery Mentors. You have a unique opportunity to not only assist individuals but be a part of positive change in our community families. Taking responsibility is our ultimate goal. Core recovery is consistently met by SPIRIT Center transitional members. We believe that responsibility starts in our homes. As a recovery community, we live as examples to witness new foundations of responsibility in purposeful decisions in action.
SPIRIT Center sustains recovery transition for a diverse group of residents. The differing life skills of the residents are vicariously essential in healing. To enhance the recovery experience, we provide a transparently secure environment. We ask for active participation by all members, disciplined rapport, environmental maintenance/safety, and unselfishness within the group approach. We promote unity, guidance, and altruistic steps for valued living. The list goes on.

If you are able and willing to support these individuals and our efforts, it would be greatly appreciated. Currently, we run this home solely with sustainable funds. Currently mentoring is gratis. A qualified paid staff would effectively assist our mission. Our financial goal is to meet the demand of recovery growth into independence with the development of another close proximity facility. We seek solid involvement from our county residents and officials to assist in the process. We are a part of you – we welcome you as a part of us with serving McHenry County’s ‘recovery safety’ needs.

We have arrived to the point of this: Infrastructure Needs.

A Few Written SPIRIT Center Success Messages: The best message is living purposeful lives.

“Thank you for all you do and for all you give. Wishing you a very Blessed Holiday. We want to again express our gratitude and appreciation for the difference you have made in all of our lives. ~ Anonymous Family (Dec. 2015)

“I care very much about the SPIRIT Center and everyone who resides under that roof, especially brothers that I have come close with in my journey. If it wasn’t for my stay there I would not have what it is I have today. What I have today is an amazing life.” ~ Ray J. (2015 2 Mo. Resident)

“The SPIRIT Center has given me tools for life that are invaluable. I’ve learned how to be a better brother, son, friend, employee and citizen. I’m grateful for this place. This recovery team is doing God’s work. Thank you :)” ~ Matthew M. 2014 (1 Year Resident)

“When I first started to drink and use drugs it made it easier to connect with other people. I was a child experiencing existence with other naive friends. At the end of my addiction I was using drugs and alcohol to connect with myself and found despair. I had found my broken spirit – I surrendered to recover. SPIRIT Center Mentoring program has guided me into recognizing emotional balance resulting in ‘working within’ cultivating a sound recovery journey. I’m Happy, Joy-Filled and Free to live Recovery!” ~ Beth (2013 6 Mo. Resident)

Dear Family and Community,

I’ll start off like this, it doesn’t matter who I am as long as I do not forget what I am. I’m a recovering human being. After many years of judging a world through misunderstanding, grace allowed a view that forever changed life. The past holds a perspective no one deserves to judge better than one who lives through it. All in all, the past has placed a select few in a position to share a way of clear recovery. Experience has proven to be the best teacher. So here we write to you sharing who and what we are.

We are a recovery transitioning safe haven. SPIRIT Center values the highest standards for the ‘broken spirited’, with the simplest of etiquette in addiction recovery. We are located in Woodstock, Illinois. We developed our methods from being acutely aware that problem issues had stemmed from ‘overlooked’ core thinking processes. Omission of recognition of these experiences has taken a huge cost in so many broken lives that we have seen. Experience is our fortitude of living in real-time solutions from the addiction epidemic i.e. ‘One Day at a Time’.Back to Top

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About SPIRIT Center’s Tax Incentive:
SPIRIT Center transitional residency implements improvement in ‘healthy boundaries’. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Please locate SPIRIT Center Woodstock Illinois Exemption Status information through Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 501(c)(3) Charities. Locate DUNS Business Report. For SPIRIT Center Board Transparency Assurance, MOU, and other formalities, please email or call 815.861.5448. Illinois CO-1 & CO-2 Registration December 2015 Here: Attorney General’s Better Charities. Our Ethics Policy.

For Pinnacle Purpose in Donating, Please Contact David Franckowiak 847-732-2803 or James Hedberg & Associates CPA 847-452-2710

Needs & Goals: Goals are Completed with invested citizens, like you. Monthly Board Meeting 3rd Sunday 3-4:30pm. Location: Crystal Lake. Discussion: Contribute Property with financial backers for established growth incentive:Exploring Next Recovery Community PhaseExpand Simple Professional Mediation that will add Immediate AdvantagesEstablishing Family Based Recovery CommunitiesPresent Recovery Communities that Support Lasting Sustainability

Our passion, mission and action is in guiding each spirit to awaken, embracing fearless trust (faith) in the unity that gives back to our world.

Those who truly recover are those who have experienced brokenness of trying everything else. This is the foundation of our recovery program. The founding mentors reside at the SPIRIT Center with those who reach out for the transitional recovery phase as some recover and as some cannot – at least for now. Our processed history holds the clarity of blind spots on all levels of awareness. Sound candor of experience is key to equity building of valued group recovery.

12618 Davis Rd. Woodstock, IL 60098E-mail:

We have been privileged to serve local and adjoining courts, private families, hospitals, treatment centers, extended care facilities, IDOC, and of course, our veterans. Individuals who are accepted into SPIRIT Center through our group interviewing process come with the attitude of ‘I’m finally home’. We are survivors of an internal war – whew, thank God that’s over! Now is time to unwind and heal! There are relevant key characteristics of the dependence that hold deeper sources of recognition through step work. These levels are clear and the outcome is consistent to the capacity of work in the individual ~ we understand this clearly. ‘No, the average alcoholic/addict, self-centered in the extreme, doesn’t care for this prospect – unless he has to do these things in order to stay alive himself.’ *

“Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world’s estimation, publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathy with despised and persecuted ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences…” ~ Susan B. Anthony

It takes courage to change, which is the exception in the transitional foundation of evaluating conditions. We live simply in the life that has no emergency, only safe and sound discerning measures. Experience of direction flourishes in consistent stability. Reminder: Our efforts are due to many overlooked formative years of those who seek refuge in safe transitional care. Our daily transparency keeps the recovering members secure in their journey as examples for those who are passersby (not ready) in their journey. We frequently promote our new residents to utilize outside facilities and reflect on the experience. ‘The answers will come, if your own house is in order.’ * We serve as experienced teachers and students in each day of our common comradery. ‘Still more wonderful is the feeling that we do not have to be specially distinguished among our fellows in order to be useful and happy.’ * This is our journey.

There are many transitional care homes in McHenry County. Few are small non-profit organizations that are in ethical good standing, few are individually owned that do not desire transparency, most are providing care with federal and state subsidized funding which are affiliated with agency administrative organizations. We have sustained as a fully independent and transparent recovery community federally recognized since 2012. During these years, we have witnessed so much. The ability to serve these miraculous individuals and families in their next phase of true independence has not been so easy. We hear the sad stories of those who ‘pick up’ again. It is no surprise when we read that there exists an epidemic caused by inanimate objects as drugs, alcohol or prescriptions when it is clearly much more. This lack of understanding in personal development is not a sad story because we all hold some form of development from missed lessons in our lives. Therefore, we all have ability as a community to embrace this liability as a beginning of strengthening. Strength is found simply by making a sound decision, and then following through.
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As husband and wife founders, we endeavor to grow beyond judgment, attachment and resistance to change within ourselves and the responsibility of our communities. We envelop principles over personalities and transparent accountability in which we actively are. Our life’s experience holds much in the unraveling process of emotional deformities. Focusing on, most of all, shedding light on ridding their secret destruction. We are experienced and committed mentors living with this transitional community of resolution. Our lives of experienced recovery has built soundness of processed steps from brokenness. We follow-through on the basis of community safety. Experienced history proves this is an inside job with discretion to simply work in trust. We live it one day at a time, desiring much to find you with such devotion to community care. In our work, we have come to appreciate your assistance. This is the purpose of this letter.

We are located in McHenry County Illinois. We hunger to develop shared ‘comprehensive change’. We advocate for less elementary level discussion groups. We desire more frequent involvement, as we have dedicated, on gainful action of advocacy to all levels.

‘There are those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say ‘What the Hell Happened?’.’ ~ Experience

There is resolve in communicating established outcomes with experienced community officials and business owners. All of our clients work in our county businesses and add to local revenue. Mature adjustments to recovery wellness are evolving. Resolution can only develop when we bridge the gap of experience as community members, business providers, social wellness advocates, and judicial partners – being assets of direction to ‘safe community’ independence. Although we live the message of example, we seek a larger reception in the general community. Our efforts in writing may create a flow of action in follow through. This is the main purpose of this letter to you.

We stand strong in knowing who we serve by mirrored reflection of our human experience and the process of awakening. ‘If we are not clear on our liabilities then we are not clear. Safety isn’t our issue; blindness of conditions is our cause.’


Living Representation of Your ‘Anonymous’ Community

Influential Contributors in ‘Substance Abuse Recovery’

Solutions of ‘Taking Responsibility’.

Those Who Exemplify Community Wellness and Follow Through by Action, Thank YOU!
We have met some of you and we embrace meeting many more.

one, not everyone An Andy Stanley Message

The basic principle is that you don’t make decisions because they are easy; you don’t make them because they are cheap; you don’t make them because they’re popular; you make them because they’re right. ~ Sophocles

NIH Important Focal Points of Interest We are not alone in resolve.

NIH Report: Important Recovery Investing Together we can achieve effective results.

UN Office on Drugs and Crime Policy Makers Deserve Transparent Examples


The SPIRIT Center will carry out its mission to address the addiction recovery needs of the community so that the work of the Board of Directors will benefit the community, will be fairly and openly determined, will be accurately and properly reported, will assure the scrupulous management of the organization, will provide diligent examination of all requests and outcomes and will be based on the collective best judgment of the Board of Directors without bias, nepotism, or prejudice.

* There are some referenced quotes on this page from the 1939 Big Book of AA and the 1953 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions of AA. The quotes are utilized in assisting in carrying the message to the reader.

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Phone: 815-861-5448

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