Spirit Center’s in depth research, education, and recovery organization experience:

SC results are fully entrenched in safe and sound recovery by follow-through of developmental steps. We’ve embraced the basic guidelines for all to walk with ease, established to inspire attainable goals, which gives a heightened awareness of each phase in community recovery strength. There are many who have escaped hindering characteristics and have experienced this core change. i.e. daily wellness, individual evaluations, healthy boundaries, and trustworthiness thereof. Although it has become very obvious that individuals are being guided toward and accepted into programs before they are ready for recovery which causes many aspects of disappointment. History of systematic resolves have manifested an average outcome for present day expenditures and indifference to the human dependency issues.
Spirit Center gives way in the original layout of 12 step recovery for each resident to embrace their individual abilities and values. As addicts motivation, ability, and drive to ‘get buzzed’ is evident, we evaluate the true from the false in order to soundly recover from valueless interferences. Together we stay clear in guidelines for each member to strengthen independently and responsibly. Those of anonymous recovery do obey the 12 step principles, first because we must, and ultimately because we love the kind of life such obedience brings.

“Recovery doesn’t happen magically in a program. It’s a long process involving changes in physiology, changes in behavior, changes in relationships, and changes in many other aspects of a person’s life. Ultimately, it happens day by day, in the community where people live and work and learn.” – TASC President Pam Rodriguez.

The SC board has investigated and experienced diverse means of guided environments. There are many options of care in today’s varying standards, methods, and practices. Spirit Center stands strong by running democratically in the value of team equality and an informed voting system of each group’s residents. Everyone’s voice and maturing decisions are necessary in our group’s conscious solutions – ‘the learning curves’: SC living program ref. – P.562-566 Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” – Herbert Spencer

Spirit Center operates securely and offers reliable recovery methodologies that ensure change from current conditions.

As the hindering issues continue, demand for effectively reliable care is increasing exponentially. SC lives in simple 12 step responsibility to stand firm in sound living that matches the values of family unity, service, and responsibility from misguided and displaced characteristics. We love longevity of anonymous recovery because it makes for a good night’s rest on the most solid foundation of all: wisdom, courage, temperance, and justice. Attraction rather than promotion.

SC CoFounder, Mrs. Franckowiak, went on to say, “We continue to refine our recovery environment with understanding of ’causes and conditions’. Our goal is “turn-key” simplicity in aspects that we find attractive and trustworthy in basic individual responsibility.”

CoFounders Mr. & Mrs. Franckowiak finished up with a message. “We have a strong guideline continuing a stable recovery setting which envelops individuality of each member.”

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Spirit Center believes responsibilities start in the home environment as examples of community and family.

i.e. communication, commitment, and ‘safe’ follow through. To err is human; to forgivedivine. – Alexander Pope. Vicarious interference often causes disruption during early transitional development, we work together in our ‘real-time’ efforts to recognize safe vs unsafe interferences (which vary in each phase of transition). We have served many that had achieved time in sobriety yet needed to rejuvenate the spirit within internal guidance of service. We hunger to assist in services of the Spirit Center group, which entails full wellness on the journey of recovery: By evaluating and unmasking fears, beliefs, and unclear mindfulness which tend to mislead people, the SC is lead by experienced mentorship. The group insight serves in clarity of healthier perspectives.

Full-Circle recovery provides family/group sessions through Recovery Coaching and Intervention services: CFAAP/CAADAC/NCCA

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