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A Guide To Sober Housing

Recovery homes and sober living can enable individuals to get the help they need, and the aftercare needed to complete rehabilitation. Having a strong support system and a safe living environment allows residents to grow, and have the accountability they need to maintain sobriety. In our comprehensive guide, we share the truth about sober living […]


The SPIRIT Center assists residents through the transitional phases of Recovery.Ready! Next is the and resident’s and alumni ‘meet & greet’ interview which opens new opportunities in asking your questions of SPIRIT Center recovery members. Your initiative is used to establish a clear understanding for the group’s review. This is paramount. Effort, equality, and unity […]

Sober Minded Community Values

The establishment of “Spirit Center” is to provide an action arena for the discovery of core values and their implementation individually. We recognize that without sound resolution certain life challenges can be too much. Our fresh beginning starts when we admit defeat. We illustrate how to have individuals attain and achieve attunement reaching a state […]

2015 House Mentors ‘Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope’

What we do:SPIRIT Center Mission Statement : We Awaken Through Evaluated Lives. The Spirit Center improves the health and quality of life through the efforts of providing a clean living community, it is imperative to the improvement of each individual’s life that enters the Spirit Center. There is a constant need within the community to provide a […]

Exclusive, Independent Recovery Living Woodstock Illinois and Rockford, Illinois

“Our gratitude is in paying tribute to those who contributed so much to make Spirit Center one of the best life changing experiences. The enthusiasm, energy, and spirit is attributed to all the residential members who continue making this anonymous recovery organization great. The strength of the group has come from the valued skills and […]

‘Honesty Open-Mindedness Willingness’

When the WHY is clear, the HOW is easy. No matter who is reading this, we all fall short of life’s lessons. We believe it starts by forgiving ourselves. Forgiveness in the lessons that have been missed along our individual paths is where we believe it all begins to unfold and become visible. We surrender. Perhaps […]

Integrity Recovery Living

What we need to impart is the well-known yet underestimated power of this axiom:FAMILY and COMMUNITY RECOVERY! About SPIRIT Center’s Benefactor’s IncentiveSPIRIT Center continues recovery success from substance abuse into independent transitioning with holistic etiquette, respect in culture, identity facets, unselfishness, and boundary respects. Inquiry of individual awareness is necessary for the diverse group. Much has been accomplished […]